Artist Submissions

Call for Artists, Designers, Creatives and Makers!

Music Tastes Good is an eclectic two-day music and food festival, taking place at an outdoor location in downtown Long Beach, CA on Saturday, September 30th & Sunday, October 1st. Inspired by our nation’s shipping ports, and more specifically, the Port of Long Beach, this year’s event draws heavily on cultural exchange and the import and export of sounds, flavors, and ideas.

The festival is looking for projects that:

  1. Provide high impact with exceptional and visionary work.
  2. Engage community through an artist-initiated process.
  3. Exhibit cultural experimentation and innovation.

Ideal projects will embody one or both of the overarching and intertwined festival themes of musical performance and culinary arts.

All media is accepted. This includes, but is not limited to, painting, photography, sculpture, light projection, video, and all two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, new-media and any non-traditional media. Submission can be a single piece, a series, an installation with multiple components, or any other output that could be exhibited in an outdoor space. The space is big, really big. Think big, nothing but vast amounts of bigness.

*Please note, questions asked within 24 hours of deadline may not be answered in a time frame necessary to complete your submission so please consider submitting early to ensure all your questions are addressed.

Please direct all correspondence to the festival’s Director of Art Installations, Nicolassa Galvez at

Download Guidelines PDF

phase 1

Sketch & Portfolio Submission

Deadline: Sunday, May 14th, 2017 by 11:59PM PST
Notification of Selected Artists: Monday, May 22nd, 2017
In-Person Interviews: Week of June 5th, 2017

phase 2

Selected Artist Proposals

Deadline: Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 by 11:59PM PST
Notification of Selected Artists: Friday, July 19th, 2017


This call for artists is open to professionals, students, teams, artists, architects, designers, creatives, and performers alike. When forming proposals, please have these considerations in mind:

  1. We reserve the right to omit from the festival accepted artwork that differs dramatically from what is represented by the digital image submitted.
  2. If at any point of the submission process information is missing, your proposal will not be considered.
  3. Any work submitted that promotes a commercial entity, product or service will not be considered.
  4. Previous works are also welcome as proposals for incorporation in the festival.
  5. There is no limit on number of submissions per artist, collective, organization, etcetera.  However, please submit one project per submission/budget. We will not review submissions that describe several projects, however we will consider awarding more than one proposal to the same applicant.
  6. Installations that are intended “For-Sale” or containing items for sale must be approved by the festival with an agreed upon commission.
  7. We are looking for a wide spectrum of work, especially that which encompasses the festival’s values of creativity, engagement, and sustainability.
  8. All art will be available for public interaction throughout the festival. Please consider this when designing your installation to be built with durable materials, to be able to withstand weather conditions and interaction with up to several hundred attendees. Our attendees are encouraged to seek out installations to view, to contemplate, to experience, and to photograph. They might touch, spill, or engage with your piece in ways you have not intended.
  9. The festival reserves the right to reproduce images of selected artist’s work for its own print and digital, promotional and marketing needs.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Excellence and impact of past work.
  • Innovation and originality of the artist’s work.
  • Evidence of a thoughtful approach to festival attendee engagement.
  • Documented track record of successful project outcomes demonstrating the applicant’s ability to execute a project of this nature.
  • Capacity to fulfill all of the requirements of the festival project as proposed.



Artists must be prepared to install and teardown from Thursday, September 28th to Monday, October 2nd at anytime.  The festival will work with you to determine the best date and time for installation. The festival expects that all artists will install and take down their own work.
Commissioned artists are required to meet deadlines and attend meetings as required to secure the agreement for your project. The festival will do our best to avoid additional time commitments from artists.
Artists retain ownership of their pieces before, during and after the festival and are responsible for it’s transportation, safe installation, daily supervision of attendee engagement, de-installation and complete removal from festival grounds.


Deadline:  Sunday, May 7th by 11:59pm PST


Application file requirements:

Images should be 300dpi, no larger than 8.5” x 11” with a maximum file size of 2MB
Label each file with your last name and title of work as follows: Last_Title.jpg
Please include an attachment list with image titles, materials, dimensions, and year completed

Submissions must include:

Artist contact information
Artist website/social, if available
A brief bio and/or cv (no more than 3 pages)
A general description of your project idea for the festival (up to 500 words) that will contribute to a clear and complete visualization of how the project will be produced and be presented to the public.
Upload up to 2 images/sketches that provide an overall idea of your proposal. Feel free to keep these fairly simple and general since Phase II applicants will provide specific schematics and construction plans.
Provide a specific description of your experience creating site-specific installations (up to 500 words). If you do not have site-specific installation experience, provide an explanation of what qualifications or experience you have that will be useful to you during this process and why you are excited to create a site-specific piece.
Provide examples of past work, displayed or performed in the last three (3) years that are relevant to you proposal (up to 10 images per application, 6 of these can be audio or video). It is best to submit images that support the [type of] project you are proposing.
In order to ensure a diverse range of projects, the festival has set three budget ranges as listed below. The festival does not guarantee the number of projects that will be selected in each range, rather we will be selecting based on qualifications of artists and quality of proposals. Please indicate what budget range for which you are applying (You must select only one range per submission):
$0 – $1,000;
$1,001 – $2,500;
$2,501 – $3,500;
Finalists will be notified of request for Phase II Submissions by Monday, May 19th.

PHASE II: PROPOSAL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS (artists selected from Phase I only)

Deadline: Sunday, July 2nd by 11:59pm PST

Application URL: This information will be sent directly to artists selected for Phase II
Please note the following important considerations:

Please be prepared to be available, preferably in person, the week of June 5th to meet with the festival and finalize proposal and budget details to meet the Phase II proposal requirements.
The festival will review Phase II submissions and may require additional meetings.
Selected artists will be notified no later than Friday, July 7th
Artist agreements must be signed by Friday, July 14th to be included in the festival.
Please make sure you account for the budget payment schedule: Artists will receive a portion of the budget required upon signature of final agreement but only up to 70% of your entire budget.  Upon successful completion of your festival installation and removal you will receive the remaining payment by Friday, October 13th.

Submissions for artists selected for Phase II must include:

PROPOSAL NARRATIVE: Your narrative should include a clear and concise explanation of the proposed work (up to 2 pages). Your narrative must include the following:
A detailed description of your installation/performance/offering.
How will your proposal engage festival attendees?
How does your proposal fit in with the overall mission of the festival?
What is innovative and culturally relevant about your proposal?
What is the ideal type of location for your piece?
Are there any limitations and/or requirements? (i.e. is the piece suitable for audience participation? Are there electricity or sound requirements?)
How will you construct it so that install and deinstall can be done within time constraints of the festival?
Provide  a detailed timeline for the installation schedule and/or performance schedule, and de-installation schedule for your work.
Safety first! Construction plan must account for interaction with a large number of people, non-hazardous, and suitable for outdoor display.
Consider lighting needs. Is your installation suitable for day and night viewing? (Please note installations and performances only available during the day will be considered).
Up to 15 images per application, 6 of these can be audio or video, that fully demonstrate the vision of your installation and should include schematics, representations of planned installation and any other images that will let festival staff see and understand your proposal.
Images should be 300dpi no larger than 8.5” x 11” with a maximum file size of 2MB.
Label each image with your last name and title of work as follows: Last_Title.jpg
Please include an attachment list with image titles, materials, dimensions, and year completed.
BUDGET – Your budget should  include the following:
Materials costs (itemized).
Desired artist stipend (include partner artists or assistants)
Travel costs (if needed). If you plan to complete the work outside of Long Beach and cannot provide its transport, please include transportation costs in your budget.
Festival admission is considered for you and your team as deemed necessary by the festival. Please indicate the number of people requiring Artist Access Passes.