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Feb 9, 2018

from Josh Fischel

This is my life.

The satisfaction of writing a song. Creating a meal with family, friends or a lover. Running into an old friend at a coffee shop. Discovering my new favorite band in front of 5, or 5,000 people. Gaining a deeper understanding of someone over a plate of french fries. Witnessing this little town turn into a world-class city.

This is our home.

Our city is a vibrant, evolving place that’s ripe for community, commerce, and culture. Within our city limits, we hold the second largest port in the United States and proudly claim a dynamic food, music and arts scene. We are leaders in the crusade for equality and environmental rights, residing on the cusp of where Los Angeles and Orange County connect.

This is now.

Being the world-class city we are, we have been long overdue a festival that mirrors the passion and diversity that we experience from our neighbors every day. It’s time to show off Long Beach and draw the rest of the world in. It’s time for others to experience what us locals have always known. It’s time to allow our residents, once a year, the chance to see Downtown in a different light.

Music. Tastes. Good.

– Josh Fischel (2016)